If you have any questions, please see if the FAQ can already help you out. If not, feel free to contact me :)

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Where is my package?

Packages are getting shipped with DHL and can be tracked here.

Generally you can check the shipping policy for any things regarding shipping. But the shipping process generally follows the following path:

- custom packaging: 1-3 days

- delivery within germany: up to 2-4 working days

- delivery within europe: up to 7-14 working days

- delivery internationally: up to 14 working days

What if the sculpture breaks during shipping?

Every sculpture gets its own custom packaging to ensure maximum protection while shipping. The parcels are also additionally labeled as fragile to make sure they will be handled with care. The general chances of damage during shipping are low, but never zero.

If you encounter any severe damage from shipping, that qualifies for a refund, please contact me immediately after recieving the package and attatch pictures of the damage.

How long until my order gets shipped?

After recieving an order on a finished sculpture I will prepare the custom packaging (1-3 days) and then send it out within another working day. The shipping depends on the destination and can vary from 1-3 days within Germany to up to 14 working days internationally.

How long does it take to make a sculpture/drawing/emote?

It depends heavily on the clomplexety and size of the piece. A small sculpture with little detail can be done in a week. A very big sculpture can easily take a few weeks-months.
Character designs and emotes usually take just a couple of days depending on how detailed the piece has to be and how much of the design is already set.

If you have something in mind and want to commission me, contact me and I might give you a better idea of how long that might take.

What's your favourite kind of sock?

Why would you want to know that?

Which sculpting medium and which kind of paint do you use?

My sculptures are mostly made from different types of polymer clay. Polymer clay is a PVC based clay with a a play-doh-like consistency, that hardens at 130 °C. I use diffent types of Sculpey, BeeSPuttY and Cosclay for different party of my sculptures.
If I need things to be very firm or stable I use Apoxie Sculpt, which is a two part synthetic clay that self-hardens within a few hours.

All my sculptures are painted with acrylics from different brands and also get a topcoat of acrylic varnish.

Which size sculptures can you make?

Generally these are my guide sizes for sculptures:

- small: <12 cm 
- medium: 12 - 20 cm
- large: 20-30 cm 
- extra large: 30-50 cm 

In theory I am willing to make something bigger, we would just have to see how. I might consider sculpting it with an oil based clay and then cast and pour something that big rather than making it out of polymer or apoxie clay.

Can you also do traditional paintings?

I do like to paint on a canvas every now and then, but I already make enough of a mess with the sculptures, so I rarely do that.

Do you take (other) commissions?


Currently I offer commissions for sculptures, character designs and emotes.

If you have a specific thing in mind that does not really fit in to any of these, but it's like REALLY cool; chances are good I will be excited to do it for you. So PLEASE contact me so we can do this c:

Would you also do NSFW?

Well, why not. There are some things that cross a line for me that involve basically everything illegal. But if you have something specific in mind feel free to contact me so we can talk about it, to see if it's in my comfort zone :)